Top 5 Ways Mobile Capture Improves Your Bill Processing

May 28, 2013

By John Kincade
TransCentra, May 2013
In response to the high adoption rates of advanced mobile devices and demand for greater functionality anytime, anywhere, the first generation of mobile capture solutions provided billers with a simple, efficient alternative to desktop capture. Now, a second generation of mobile capture applications has emerged, leveraging the newest mobile advancements to […]

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Top 6 Best Practices for Handling Replacement Checks and Reducing Exceptions

May 25, 2013

By TransCentra, May 2013
Verification processes are built into biller direct WEB, IVR, digital mail and mobile channels to identify a customer and their account before payment is initiated. The paper channel also has a standard remittance coupon that helps maintain a high level of success. Unfortunately, online bill payment through a bank consolidator does not […]

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The Saturday Wait

March 15, 2013

By Todd Haycock
TransCentra, March 2013
Document Media, Mobile Issue
While a recent poll from the USPS reports 80% of Americans support the new delivery schedule, there is still a great deal of concern as to how the new schedule will impact consumers and businesses. With less than six months until the new delivery process takes effect, consider […]

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Lockbox: The Way to Win a Changing Game

March 13, 2013

By Paul Diegelman and Jim Bann
TransCentra, March 2013
Despite greater stability in the U.S. banking sector, banks are still struggling to grow revenues and reduce costs. According to McKinsey, revenues for the sector grew only 1% from 2010 to 2011, and the cost-to-income ratio for 2011 grew to 68% from 60% in 2010. It’s no wonder […]

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Navigating Complications of the Multichannel Age

April 4, 2012

By William Ensslen
TransCentra, April 2012
As consumers benefit from the proliferation of flexible and convenient payment channels, billers bear the often hidden costs of supporting them. Today, some 200 million Americans have high-speed Internet access, 35% own a smartphone, and 19% own a tablet computer. An increasing number of Americans, most notably the newly monikered members […]

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Wholesale Lockbox and Bank Efficiency Ratio Improvement

February 16, 2012

By Paul Diegelman
TransCentra, February 2012
Banks are aggressively looking to improve their efficiency ratios and seek more cost-effective ways to grow fee revenue. Outsourcing or co-sourcing certain treasury management services offers an ideal opportunity.

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