Transactions impact your business in more ways than you may imagine. With a dedication to the functional aspects of your transactions combined with a vividly clear understanding of the business objectives behind them, TransCentra turns your transactions into powerful tools for change.

Today, through multiple new and emerging billing and payment channels and technologies, from email bills to mobile payments, your customer is closer to your transaction process than ever before. TransCentra empowers you to influence customer interactions – accommodating changing consumer preferences and guiding them to the optimal payment options – while simultaneously advancing business goals throughout your organization, from Marketing to IT to C-level management and beyond.

More than just a provider of transaction services and software, we are dedicated to delivering transaction-based solutions that produce real and meaningful business results. Improved visibility, customer channel independence, greater data integration, and a cohesive cash collection strategy are all byproducts of a comprehensive approach to your transactions.

Transactions with impact.

That’s TransCentra.

The Billing & Payments Authority


As consumers benefit from the proliferation of flexible and convenient payment channels, billers bear the often hidden costs of supporting them. Today, some 200 million Americans have high-speed Inter [...] READ MORE

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