Billing with Impact

Often overlooked and underestimated in the halls of Corporate America, your bills represent one of the most valuable communications channels that you have with your customers. The way you present your bill, be it paper or electronic, has everything to do with the speed and accuracy of your customer’s payment, as well as their general impression of your services. If your bill is confusing, your customer is likely to pay the wrong amount, creating a costly exception, a time consuming call to customer service, or a delayed payment. Additionally, your billing channel is one of the most frequent and influential ways to communicate with your customers, whether via regulatory, service, or marketing messages.

TransCentra takes a holistic approach to billing. Send us a single billing file and we will split and distribute the file among your various billing channels based on customer preferences and your instructions. Not only does this approach free you from the significant work required to support multiple billing channels, vendors, and technologies, it also makes it easy to add new channels as necessary, such as email bills or digital postal mail.

And through TransCentra’s consolidated approach to billing, you can ensure that your on-statement messaging is flexible, powerful and consistent across billing channels. TransCentra is an expert in designing both paper and electronic bills that are easy to understand, attractive, and efficient. We’ve helped some of the largest billers in America leverage their bills into success beyond the payment, and we can do the same for you.

Billing with Impact.

That’s TransCentra.

Billing & Payments


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