Dynamic Rules

Most billers know firsthand how expensive handling exceptions can be with all of the research and manual processing that is required. TransCentra’s Dynamic Rules service is designed to reduce cost and effort by helping you take control of exception processing and streamline exception resolution. Dynamic Rules works seamlessly with TransCentra’s Online Decisioning to automate and accelerate exceptions processing and prevent exceptions from recurring.

Using TransCentra’s Web-based View2 platform, you can establish dynamic rules for the types of payments and the accounts that should be routed to Online Decisioning for review and validation. You can establish base rules that apply to all or most of your payments, plus supplemental rules, which apply to a single billing account or block of accounts. You can assign a user (or user group) to an account or rule and determine exactly which users or groups can establish rules. If you want to put a rule in place temporarily, you can easily set date ranges and expiration dates for those rules.

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