Archive And Online Decisioning


TransCentra Archive is TransCentra’s image-based storage and retrieval system that provides you with enhanced business intelligence and  the ability to deliver superior customer service.  In short, TransCentra Archive provides secure, instant cloud-based access to your transaction information..

With TransCentra Archive, you can easily access images for data entry purposes, expedite exception processing, and perform research, all of which enhance customer satisfaction.  Query days, weeks, months or years of data and images with an easy-to-use online interface.

The archived information can be stored for years at a time, on any medium, and viewed at any time, from any location. You also have the flexibility to archive images and data for all accounts or just select accounts for a given day.

Benefits of TransCentra Archive

  • Online access to data, images and reports via the cloud
  • Ease of administration
  • Enable customer self-service
  • Media independent
  • Print or e-mail archived images and transactions
  • Enhanced security


Easy to Configure and Administer

  • Set up multiple user groups
  • Data accessibility based on user authority options
  • Customize data view for each customer
  • Configurable menu options


Online Decisioning

Regardless of the type, dollar-amount or volume of payment transactions that your operation manages, a payment solution that streamlines exception processing will enhance fund availability, reduce cost and improve information flow.  Online Decisioning automates payment reconciliation and accelerates accounts receivable posting.

TransCentra’s Online Decisioning reduces cost and errors by giving you real-time correction and special handling capabilities right in the cloud. Its simple user interface is designed to streamline workflow and automatically present exceptions to the appropriate handling group, all while maintaining transaction integrity.

Traditionally, lockbox operations have not been equipped for interactive exception processing.  As a result, payments are often rejected and needed to be physically sent to the appropriate department. Online Decisioning mitigates this labor-intensive, error-prone, time-consuming manual exception processing by automating reconciliation.

Functionality Includes:

  • Cloud-based display of images and transaction information
  • Configure fields displayed
  • Perform data validation
  • E-mail alerts
  • Set items to automatically move to and from the exception queue
  • Flip and zoom images
  • Update full-page transactions
  • Little or no training required

Billing & Payments


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