Remittance Processing

TransCentra’s wholesale, retail and wholetail remittance processing solutions are integrated on a single platform called TransCentra Transaction Management System (TMS™).  It can operate either independently or as a central hub to process data, images and checks captured at remote sites. In addition to remittance processing and electronic clearing, the TMS™ platform captures and processes full-page documents and provides a variety of powerful data entry tools. This proven suite of software processes payments for hundreds of organizations across the country.

The solution allows for multiple transport interfaces, multiple transaction data completion options and multiple transaction quality options. Its modular, well-designed architecture allows a high degree of scalability and reliability, and incorporates sophisticated object technology. TMS™ can process intensive forms and use Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) to capture data and reduce keying.  It has configurable batch modes and workflow, including comingled input.  And it integrates with leading industry-standard transports and scanners and remote deposit capture platforms.

Image-Assisted Processing

By capturing and storing images of all documents, the TMS™ lockbox solution runs as a one-pass and/or two-pass workflow.  All data entry is done from the image, increasing throughputs and reducing manual intervention.  Remote repair capabilities enable lockbox providers to remotely access images and perform data entry and correction. Users can process a wide variety of incoming transactions including check only, full-page with check, insurance claims, invoice, tax, correspondence, EOB, and more.  The benefits of this methodology include:

  • Long Term Image Storage – Our TMS™ software is completely integrated with Archive, allowing the data and images to be stored on any storage medium and viewed at any time. Firewalls, encryption software and login passwords provide reliably safe access.
  • Recognition Technologies – The system uses the latest technology in labor-saving automation to reduce payee verification and remittance data entry.
  • Customer Configuration Capabilities – The customer setup application allows operations personnel the ease and flexibility to add customers to the system in a relatively short period.


Additional Benefits

  • Embedded Business Logic – The TMS™ application embeds all processing business logic within the system, significantly reducing dependence on the knowledge of workgroups. This directly leads to reduced cost of operations and training.
  • Internet Integration – An automated cutoff program tracks the progress of the work for each lockbox, and has the ability to automatically notify the processor at configurable cutoff times when work has been completed.   It also generates reports, emails and faxes for customer notification.


Billing & Payments


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