Regulus Group and J&B Software Become TransCentra


Regulus Group and J&B Software Become TransCentra

Independent, U.S.-based Company Is a Leading Billing and Payments Provider

NORCROSS, GA – December 22, 2011 – TransCentra, Inc., a leading provider of billing and payments software and services with 12 U.S. locations, announced today that it is rebranding the combined Regulus Group and J&B Software business as TransCentra, a name designed to reflect the company’s focus on being central to streamlining billing and payment transactions and empowering corporate treasury operations. TransCentra has been an independent U.S. company operating under the name “3i Infotech North America” since June 30, 2011, prior to which it operated as 3i Infotech Limited’s US-based Global Billing & Payments business unit.

“I’m proud to announce our new name, TransCentra, which represents our dedication to helping companies meet their cash management objectives through transactions,” said Lynn Boggs, the CEO of TransCentra. “Now, with the initial steps of rebranding Regulus and J&B Software underway, we are actively demonstrating our focus and commitment to the payment and presentment market. With a new management team and significant investments in product development, we are building on the deep expertise that we have cultivated and proven over more than two decades under the Regulus and J&B Software brands. As of today, we are TransCentra and we are kicking off an entirely new, exhilarating and unified chapter of this company. We are excited about rolling out our new name, website and services in the coming new year.“

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